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School Girls, Nguyen Thanh Binh, 2010, Vietnam


I PROMISE you that every single depressed person has been told to exercise already, you are never ever ever going to be the first person to suggest that to any depressed person ever.


Girls didn’t really take much interest in me until I was about 14. But I knew how to talk to them very quickly. What I figured out - that my friends didn’t - was you have to talk to women like you’re not constantly trying to have sex with them. That seemed to work.

God is he attractive


I wish every day felt like this, 09/18/14


 Ivan Aivazovsky,Ship on Stormy Seas (detail)


Oh Ahn and Lee Seungmi for Arena Korea May 2013

"Illegals just mooch off the government, healthcare, and don’t pay taxes! They’re bad for our economy!"



virgos run the world through am I right or am I right


Dom Sebastian - Magic Apple Tree